Born and raised in Vancouver, Kelsey has been shooting in Los Angeles for over 25 years. After earning a finance degree from USC (fight on!), she made LA her base- shooting in a Hollywood studio. Her talents took her to major cities all over the United States each with a growing, repeat client base. One of Kelsey’s hallmarks is a strong sensitivity for light and space: each of her studios, be it an old toy factory in Los Angeles or a 1920s facility in Atlanta are beautifully restored buildings with metal riveted walls, beams, high ceilings and most importantly magical light.

Kelsey strongly believes that from the moment her client enters the venue the entire photo shoot experience from makeup, styling, shooting and selection contributes to the success and beauty of her shots. Kelsey is best known for her ability to create a comfortable atmosphere and rapport that draws clients in and allows the essence of their personality to be captured. Rather than stage an image, Kelsey converses with her clients until the interactions create the perfect expressive, candid moment. Her work is so in the moment that it Is often likened to film stills. “My success is based on capturing the core of an individual's energy and character be it edgy or ornery or _____ in an honest, informal and spontaneous way.”

Kelsey’s clients have steadily grown in every aspect of the creative world and entertainment industry; they range from well known* to those just starting out. She is known by and enjoys referrals from major talent agencies, PR agencies, and casting directors throughout the US. Her work has appeared in Us, Allure, Marie Claire, Hello, Interview and, In Style magazines.

*including Actors- Dakota and Elle Fanning, Jeff Foxworthy; musicians: Herb Alpert, Bill Withers; Producers: Quincy Jones; Composer: John Ottoman; Grammy nominee Lori Henriques; Fashion: Ashley Eckstein -Her Universe; Artists- LeRoy Neiman