Thoughts on Comedy
Tuesday, November 21, 2017
By Kelsey Edwards Photo LLC
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I went to see my nephew perform stand-up last night.  So proud to see him getting into the arena, there are few things that would scare me more!!


I am continuously amazed by how comedians can make you think about such important things while at the same time making you laugh.  His smart comedy does exactly that.  It reminded me that I have had the opportunity to shoot with prominent comics, Richard Lewis, Jeff Foxworthy and the late Danny Ganz over the years, all who left me inspired at the end of the shoot.  


Comedy can be a great way out of a hard situation, and it can also shine a light on subjects we are afraid to broach.  At this time in our world, it seems laughter is hard to come by, thank you to all the comedians out there for making us laugh, and even more thanks for making us think.

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