Launch Party
Friday, October 27, 2017
By Kelsey Edwards Photo LLC
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Going for a glass of champagne with my crew to celebrate the launching of our new website. Have to admit it has been a long process for me to go LIVE. My daughter asked me why actually she’s been asking me for the last month “Have you done it? Are you live? Did you do it?” I said, "Siara, you don’t understand- I love my old site and get so many compliments about it that this one needs to be better, faster, stronger for me to attach myself fully to it."


Which we’ve done!!


I told her on our morning bike ride towards her school, "I think what I've realized about my work is that it is timeless- the shots I took 10 years ago have the same authenticity as the ones I shoot today. They pull me in and make me feel like the person is talking to me like I shot them yesterday and it may have been 10 years ago." That authenticity is proven time and again as my clients continue to RETURN AND book more and more work in the industry.


The process of recreating our site makes me realize that I sit in a unique place in my career. I am proud of the body of work behind me while there is a wide open space ahead. It is at once freeing and daunting and my creative juices are working. Stay tuned!!


Below, me circa 1986 and just recently...

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